Hello, it’s Lingling. It’s Thanksgiving Day today. There is no turkey for you, well, I can only say thank you. Thank you for your trust. I am so happy and lucky, even we are from different countries, have different cultures, we can cooperate with each other. We can’t do it without trust. It feels good.

However, after you pay the payment, you will be worries about the stuff, even pay by PayPal or Alibaba, you will still get worry. It is hard to make the first step, because you need to transfer money to a person you never met, there are too many liars on the net, it is hard to do it. A tracking no. will make you feel better but after it you start to worry about the quality. I know it.

Everything is hard except you get the stuff and it is good. If you are satisfied with it, that would be great. You feel happy and the happiness is mine.

Last but not least, sorry about the advertisement, I always explode you again and again. I have made many people crazy. Please forgive me.


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