1980,14 year-old Lingling came to Guangzhou city to find a job. Because her family is poor and she has 3 younger sister and a brother. She had to work to support her family even she was young. One day she smelt a sweet smell, followed it then she came to a coffee shop, she bought a coffee with a limited money. This was she first to taste the coffee, it was so bitter. She didn’t want to waste what she bought, then she imaged the coffee is so sweet. To her suprise, she really felt the coffee sweet. That was magic and she was attracted by coffee. Then she decided to set up a coffee shop.

She learn how to make coffee when she was free, after 4 years of hard work, she got her first pot of gold. She sut up her coffee shop, despite many difficulties at the first time, she persevered. Her coffee has a unique taste and is favored by many customers. Two years later, she has become a local barista with many clients. With more customers, she had to expand her store, and she has made great achievements in coffee industry.

In 1997, when the world financial crisis broke out, Lingling had to close many shops in the face of pressure. With malicious and suppression from competitors, Lingling Coffee Shop encountered unprecedented difficulties, and she closed the last coffee shop. She was so sad and depressed that she tried to kill herself several times, only to recover slowly with the encouragement of her family and friends.

In 2000, the economy slowly recovered and Lingling returned to the coffee industry. She understood the diversification of investment. She not only invested in coffee shops, but also invested in the coffee machine industry. Later, Lingling decided to work with a big factory to make a custom coffee machine for her.

Lingling has been successful in China, and in 2013, she decided to introduce the coffee machine abroad. Of course, it was not as easy as expected, because so many Italian brands had already carved up the market. After years of efforts, The Lingling team has made its own product advantages and established a brand image.

Now, Lingling’s team is providing coffee machines to customers in different regions with high quality products and services, and win the heart of customers.