304 Stainless Steel Hand Burr Mill Grinder



Stainless Steel Manual Coffee Grinder 304 Stainless Steel Hand Burr Mill Grinder

Product material: stainless steel
Product size: grinder height: about 19cm, handle length: about 9.1cm, bottom diameter: about 5.1 cm
Product weight: 710g
Product packaging: color box packaging

1. The product is made of high-quality stainless steel, durable, and can be rinsed all over the body. Wipe clean after rinsing, no need to worry about rust and other problems.
2. The bean grinder is detachable. You can install and disassemble it by yourself. The installation method is very simple. After disassembly, it can also be placed directly in a color box for storage, avoiding dust and reducing space occupation.
3. The manual grinder can grind your favorite coffee powder according to your own preferences. The thickness of ground coffee powder can be adjusted.
4. Multi-function grinder can not only grind coffee beans but also pepper beans.
5. The bottom of the bean grinder is visible. You don’t need to open it to see the condition of coffee beans during grinding.


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