Coffee Tamper Mat Press Support Base

Coffee Tamper Mat Press Support Base Coffee Machine Tool Accessories

The trapezoid-shaped filling seat is stable, durable and easy to operate, and evenly distributes the force generated during the filling of each coffee powder.

Made of food-safe silicone and stainless steel.

Thick silicone resin on the bottom and top, with anti-slip properties, high heat resistance, oil resistance and water resistance.

Service life: high heat resistance and oxidation resistance


Net weight:400g



Material: stainless steel + Silicagel


Whether you use a bottom or filter holder, our stainless steel tamping holder with tamping pads can help you keep the tamping level at all times by always keeping the bottom filter port or nozzle away from the countertop, thus reducing the amount of coffee grounds contaminated The risk of espresso.

Clean, continuous and precise way of working.

Package Included:

1*Coffee powder support


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