LL-3005E Coffee Machine


Semi-automatic espresso machine for home.

The LL-3005E espresso machine uses a stainless steel body, which is stylish, beautiful and easy to clean.

The coffee machine has a 58MM stainless steel professional handle. The temperature is consistent with the brewing head and the boiler.

Product Features
1. Patented heating system, namely thermal boiler.
2. Imported shock-absorbing pump, patented shock-absorbing design.
3. Aluminum alloy 58mm handle, professional brewing design.
4. Humanized design, top cover warm cup function.
5. Mobile 1.7L water tank design.6. Dry continuous steam, making milk froth easier.

Product specification´╝Ü

Model LL-3005e
Power 1450W
Voltage 220-240V
Frequency 50/60HZ
Weight 6.8KG
Size 290*255*325MM


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