LL-3122A Single Group Rotary pump coffee machine with 1.7L Water Tank

LL-3122A Single Group Commercial Coffee Machine

1. Patented three boiler heating system: 550ml water storage boiler + double boilers. Independent heating, steam, hot water, coffee brewing functions do not affect each other;
2. Make more than 100 cups of coffee per hour;
3. With automatic pre-soaking system: constant extraction pressure, full oil extraction;
4. Electronic control, can set the brewing volume and temperature;
5. Independent control system: each heating system is independently controlled, environmental protection and energy saving.
6. Imported professional vibration pump, patented shock absorption design;
7. Patent detection pressure design, real-time monitoring of brewing pressure;
8. With automatic water inlet and external drainage function settings;
9. Humanized design. Top cover warm cup function.
10. Move the 1.7 water tank and water receiving tray, and reserve the external water receiving function.

Model LL-3122A
Power 2850W
Voltage 220-240V
Frequency 50/60HZ
Weight 26KG
Size 326*455*522MM


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