LL-CG01 Electric Coffee Grinder



220v electric coffee grinder multifunctional household coffee grinder stainless steel bean spice maker grinder

Coffee grinder parameters:
Model: LL-CG01
Voltage: 220-240V, 50-60HZ
Material: 420 stainless steel
Size: 185*120*310mm

* Tapered blade, evenly ground
*Multi-stage adjustment of grinding thickness: 31 stages of adjustment of coffee powder thickness to meet your various needs
* Easy to clean
*LED digital display, can set quantitative or grinding time

1 )After installing the grinder, put the coffee beans in the bean box
2 )Choose the thickness of coffee powder
3 )Press the start button to set the grinding amount and time
4 )Wait for the ground coffee to fall into the container
5 )Remove the powder bin




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