Portable Stainless Steel Manual Coffee Grinder



Stainless Steel Portable Handheld Coffee Grinder Professional Manual Grinder

Stainless steel material, high quality and durable for use.
Innovative coffee bean mill dispenses spice with fun and ease.
It’s a good grinding tool for coffee bean in the kitchen.
Color: Silver
Size: 5.5x19cm
Core Grinding:Ceramics
Material: Stainless Steel
Capacity: about 40g
Scope: beans, black pepper, white pepper, sesame seeds, and other solid particles ingredients
Advantages: freshly ground use, taste better.
Coffee beans Adjustment Instructions:
Sub-ground coffee coarse, medium, fine three kinds
The user according to the degree required by the flap up or down spin move on rough, detailed, should be transferred to the lower left 0.25mm gap, to avoid increased friction or jammed.
When the flap is adjusted, and then loaded on a cleat and other accessories to work.
Packaging Detail:

1 × coffee grinder




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