Siphon Coffee Maker Gift Pack


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Siphon coffee pot 3 people set

 LL-8528 hand grinder
Boutique cans of coffee, four seasons workshop, blue mountain flavor, 300 grams, a can
Manual foamer stainless steel single layer foamer 400ml one
Hourglass timer wooden hourglass (about 60 seconds) one
Gift box + handbag (environmental cloth bag instead of paper tote bag)

Gift box weight: about 3.5kg
Gift box size: 41cm (length) × 41cm (width) × 12cm (height)
Siphon Coffee Maker Three-Way 360ml:
Product Name Home Siphon Coffee Maker (TCA-3 for 3 persons)
Specification weight: about 1.35kg
Composition: upper pot and upper seat and cover
2, the lower pot and the lower seat and the bracket
3, a set of filter cloth, filter, hanging chain
4, the amount of bean spoon (about 6-8 grams, about 2 spoons for 1 person)
5, a set of alcohol lamps (with wick, windshield)
6, bamboo stirrer stir stick 1 .


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