Stainless Steel Rotary Filter Drip Coffee Tools For Kitchen


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Espresso Steel Drip Coffee Filter Coffee Maker Pot Infuser Mini Coffee Drip Pot Rotary Filter Drip Coffee Tools For Kitchen

Product Description:
Vietnamese-style drip coffee pot one pot easy to carry and easy to clean
Travel / Office excellent choice
Extracted rich mellow taste of coffee
I feel very suitable for American coffee is too light but not used to people espresso
Prepare items: Vietnamese pot drops, condensed milk, local Vietnamese coffee beans, coffee spoon
The pot exploded drops open, ready to take out the plate.
Coffee cup into the amount of condensed milk.
Add pure Vietnamese coffee.
With two spoons coffee spoon dig (estimated at about 15 g)
The coffee powder Shiver flat, and put on plate, then tighten.
Drip cup on the cup, then pour a little water (coffee powder are wet but not dripping)
About 20 seconds later, put water 90 degrees, filled.
Then put about 3 minutes, fragrant and delicious coffee is complete

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